• Applications of spatial sound include; immersive environments for gaming, product launches, events, educational installations in museums,galleries and educational facilities, film and TV, any large space that needs to be filled with sound at any volume (its ideal for delivering quite sound to large areas), awards ceremonies etc. In fact anywhere where you would use sound you can enhance the experience with hyper-real spatial sound. Please get in touch for more details or a demo.






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Recent Projects

This week is the world premier of "Luminous" by Mem Morrison at the Norman Foster designed Willis Building in Ipswich as part of the Spill Festival of performance. An Album/Installation/Performance piece with 3D sound. The Album was produced and spatialised by Asa.


Its exciting times for spatial sound, with Youtube's integration of B-format and Facebooks 360 content creation tools. New demo's featuring 360 visuals and headtracking audio movement coming soon.


Asa is currently starting work on a large scale spatial installation, due for completion in late summer 2016, details to be announced soon.

2014-05-01 Southwell Palace. Asa is installing a large spatial sound system as part of the renovation works at Great Hall at Southwell Minster in Nottinghamshire. The soundscape will consist of didactic information about the history of the Hall as well as sounds from the Minster and recreations of historical events. The launch date will be June 2014.

Strøm Opening Ceremony for Red Bull Music Academy (click here) an incredible evening of 360˚ sound, an entire building lit and played by the lighting designer Jakob Kvist.
Some Binaural renders of the recordings are available to listen too here:

Other large scale installations have included “Tales from the Bridge” a 350metre installation across the millennium bridge in London for the 2012 Olympics (, the Red Bull Music Academy 3D Soundclash at the Albert Hall ( featuring Ninja tunes and Warp records, and the 36 speaker Michael Clark install at the Tate Modern Turbine Hall (

Smaller scale spatial sound installations have included the Kew Palace, The British Museum “Ice Age” installation,Wembley Park (2012 Olympics) and the Venice architectural Biannale (2006) to name a few.

Hear some “Live Audio’ mixes here (works best on a “Jambox” with “Live Audio” switched on, also works on headphones).